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Please click on the icon to make your secure donation through Paypal.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Want to help?  Here are some specifics!
$20:   A week of horse treats for the whole farm
$25:   Grooming tools or fly spray
$50:    A week of grain
$75:    30 seconds of hay (the drought's made it pretty pricey!)
$100:    Helps defray our veterinary costs
$150:    Helps repair our post and board fence
. . . . . and up will help us fix our arena footing and buy run-in sheds for our fields!
Any amount is most welcome, and will go towards all the myriad costs associated with supporting our horses, kids and farm.  Thank you so very much!

Vera in her favorite western saddle

2007 Great and Small
The Rickman Farm Horse Park
17320 Moore Road, Boyds, MD 20841
(301) 349-0075