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We love to receive feedback that illustrates how horses and children can enhance each other's lives.  Here are some examples:
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"Great and Small has lifted my spirit as much as it has helped my son.  The teachers and volunteers are sincerely excited to teach him. They patiently and gently do whatever is required.  As my son is profoundly retarded and multiply handicapped, there are not many activities for him to participate in, even less people who are interested in working with him.  Riding a horse gives him an activity that is both fun and therapeutic.  I am extremely grateful for Great and Small."  - Melanie, Andrew's mom

David riding Ian

Christoph, Fritz and volunteers

Murphy the wonder horse and fans

"Today (Tuesday) we made a great leap forward in my riding ability.  It was one of those magical days when I start feeling that I haven't lost everything yet and that some things may even be redeemable.  A very inspiring session.  And most of that is the staff and volunteers at G&S who never fail to find SOMETHING I'm doing that I didn't do before or that I'm doing better.  You're an incorrigible group of positively sunshiny women.  Who can fail to feel better after an hour with you?"   - Ann Zabaldo, student

2007 Great and Small
The Rickman Farm Horse Park
17320 Moore Road, Boyds, MD 20841
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