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In 2004, Great and Small took these two horses, pictured below, and eight other extremely underweight race horses who had been abandoned by their owner.  Although only three years old, the horse on the left did not survive.  While the majority of our adoptees are not emergency rescues as these horses were, virtually all of them need supportive veterinary care to succeed in our program and work their magic for our riders.  Your donation to Great and Small helps defray the cost of their care, and ensures a productive and comfortable retirement.  
All of our horses have worked hard before coming to us, and deserve our support.  Your gift helps us provide these worthy animals a loving and meaningful home.
Farewell, Bart - we hardly knew ye.

2007 Great and Small
The Rickman Farm Horse Park
17320 Moore Road, Boyds, MD 20841
(301) 349-0075